Saturday, May 7, 2011

Savadikap - Part 1

Finally have time to update my Bangkok trip! =)  Was really busy these few days that I don't even have time to blog about my trip. Well, my parents, my sis, myself, my aunt and my cousins joined the trip too.

I was kinda excited to go Bangkok actually. Finally get to shop whatever I want. =) Woke up very early that day itself. Couldn't sleep much either. My brother fetched us to KL Sentral, and from there, we took Sky Bus to the airport.

Sis & I in the bus. =)

Reached airport in time. Had a light breakfast @ MCD too. After checked in and settled all the stuffs, we went jalan-jalan around the duty free area. Bought my fav gummy bears! =)  Luckily the flight was not delayed. Phew. Managed to reach Bangkok before noon. 

Air Asia flight.

Above the sky! *see the clouds?*  =)

We stayed in Baiyoke Boutique Hotel, which is a quite modern hotel actually. From the outlook, it looked simple, but actually inside, its like a boutique feeling. =P After we had our lunch, we started to shop. And wow! Bangkok is a SHOPPING PARADISE! Its like, everywhere is selling clothes, bags, food and stuffs. Even the shopping malls there have special designated floor plan. Like, first floor is all women' clothing. Second floor is for men. 3rd floor for bags. And so on and so for. We shopped for don't know how many hours weii! I think the only resting time we had is when we had lunch, dinner and few hours sleep while waiting for the next day to come! =P

So, i'll just let the pictures do the talking! =)

City train. Not really crowded like Malaysia's one.

From left : My dad, my mom and me!

Waiting to check in. =)

Bangkok street!

Sis & cousin.

Can't rmbr this place. Hmm, i guess is the tour booking place? LOL =P

*ignore my tired looking face!*  =P

Eating mango! *Bangkok must-eat!* 
Look at my dad expression! LOL! =P

Crazy me! Hee! =P

Alright, stay tuned for Part 2! =)


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  2. Agreed its a shopping paradise, but then again it depends on what we want to buy.

    Great bargains too, esp the night bazaar.

  3. wa wa nice!.. waitin for your part 2.. i never been thr b4

  4. During my time in Bangkok, it was difficult to communicate because they do not know English. Where are your hotel photos?

  5. @darran, will post it up soon! now in bangkok rite, they can speak in eng, but very poor =(

  6. hi, help support my mom and "like on her pic"

    Thank you so much