Friday, May 27, 2011

One week holiday!

Yay! I'm done with my MPW exams! *happy happy happy!*
Although the both M'sia Studies + Moral Education papers were really hard, 
but don't care laaa, its officially END! =D  Don't have to attend anymore MPW classes.
I have the ONLY and ONLY one request.
Please let me PASS my MPW exams! I don't want to re-take and re-sit the papers! >.<

My M'sia Studies paper was a DOOM for me.
First question, WRONG again! 
I have no idea why I always have the first question of every papers wrong. LOL!
Iish! UMNO is Jaafar's property la, not Rahman's also. Silly me! =(
Moral was okay, a lil tricky. But still managed to finish the both papers. Phew!

My one week holiday starts today.
Its called "HOLIDAY",
but for me its still a normal college day.
I have so many work to do in this one week time.

3 test paper for Math-S.
1 test paper for Biology.
1 test paper for Chemistry.
1 exercise for Chemistry Tutorial.
English Tutorial - Listening + Reading Text.

Normally one Math-S paper I need around 1 day to finish it.
Now got 3 papers. So I wondered how long I need to finish it eh?  =P

Sigh. Hopefully can finish my work in these few days.
Please?  =)

Stay tuned for updates on Food Tasting Event! 

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