Sunday, May 15, 2011

Savadikap - Part 4

Well, I guess this is my last update of my Bangkok trip. Hmm. =) I don't think I can remember the details happening there now. I AM TOO FORGETFUL! =P 

We went to one of the well-known temple in Bangkok. I forgot whats the name of the temple, but the temple is huge, like a palace!

Their prime minister!

So many stairs >.<

There's the Buddha, made of pure gold! =)

Me & Sis.

After we visited the temple, we went to the Central World, which is a very famous high-class shopping complex. We had our lunch there too. Their food was really cheap and delicious especially their tom yam! =)

Tom Yam!

We went jalan-jalan there too. Got nothing to buy there cause their stuffs there are expensive!

My dad posing with  "Mr Tan" =)

LOL! My dad helped me to adjust my heels. Too loose! =P

Love their round bench!

Their MCD ice cream was just RM 0.90! Superb cheap!

We even went to their morning market too. Their morning market was really, really crowded!
I had never been to a so crowded market before. =)

We hardly can move in such a crowded space.

Selling so many stuffs there, especially clothes and bags!

Puppy luggage bag!


Some crispy popiah thingy.

This one should be chicken rice? Hmm.

Ignore our blurr faces! =P

My sis and my Japanese slippers!
Walked till our leg hurts. =(

Too tired until have to rest, sitting down on the floor! =(

My mom! LOL!

Love the cartoon character! So cute!  =)

In the flight going back to KL.

Random photo!  *reflection in the mirror of the flight!* =)

Was a lil sad to leave Bangkok actually.
Bangkok was such a nice place to shop! A real shopping paradise! =)
I had no idea how much I spend there, and how many stuffs i bought from there.

I bought a lot of floral dresses, one high heels, one slipper, one wedges, a few T-shirts, one skinny jeans, three bags, some accessories ... *can't mentioned all here* =P
kinda lazy to post all the stuffs I bought from Bangkok. LOL! Will post it up next time when I get to wear those. =)

This is some of the stuffs i bought from there. Just randomly took some of the photos. =)

Sis's floral dress!

My tube floral dress!

Yellow-green cross singlet!

Another floral dress of mine!

Zip-up wedges.

My high heels!

Heart this heels! =)

Alright, I guess this is the end of my Bangkok updates!
Will post the photos up in Facebook soon!
Better get some rest now. Ciaoz!

Btw, gonna drive to college tomorrow!


  1. Niceeeee, I wanna go Bangkok for shopping too T__T

  2. @hilda yea yea, you should go! really! *no regrets!* =D

  3. If I am going,i will sure bring a big luggage to stuff the things i buy,lol!

  4. Wow, plenty to buy from the bazaar and delicious food to taste at the same time.

  5. @steph haha! surely overload =P

    @nava yeah =)