Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Last post before heading S'pore!

Hey world!
I just came back from the freaking scary blood test!
OMG! So pain! This blood test was SO DIFFERENT!
The nurse took one big bottle of blood from me. >.<
Last time, all the blood test was like simple, just one small bottle of blood.
This really freaks me out. =(
The cost is so expensive. I haven't been to a so costly medical centre.
Have to start saving money alrdy, for health.
Right now my hand was like so numb, and no energy. Can still feel the pain. Eeek! *sob*
I'm using one hand to type all these stuffs. LOL! so weird.

Btw, I just called Steph deary. Helped her to register for the ntv7 run.
Going with my sister as well. The run is around July if i'm not mistaken.
Hopefully can finished the run. =P

Alright, will update my blog after my trip to S'pore.
Bye bloggiee, tweetiee, churpiee and tumbliee! =)

In love with this song now!
J-Lo feat PitBull  - On the Floor.
*singing this non-stop with sister!*  =P


  1. OMG! I understand how it feels to take so much blood... Anyway, have fun in Singapore!

  2. @hilda thanks hilda!

    @kelly yea, it yucks! >.< singapore trip was fun! =D