Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Like Nippon Paint because it bring colours to my life!

I like Nippon Paint because, it PAINTS my life into colourful colours!

Nippon paint , is my love for like, how many years! =P  Everytime, I used to paint my house using Nippon Paint.  Well, this time, I am joining this contest before I want to give my parents a BIG SURPRISE! Their wedding anniversary is around the corner, so I decided to do something. =)

Make a card?
Prepare a nice dinner for them?
Buy presents for them?
*noo nooo noooo!* =P

Still thinking....
Give me some ideas please? =)

Here's come the magic wand!  =P
Ta da!

Nippon Paint Contest!
I planned to get the room make-over for them if I get to win this contest! =)

Here's the pics of my parents' room.
My parents' room!

I like the room so much! *say cheese!*  =D

Hmm, using Nippon Paint actually gives us a lot of benefits. DEFINITELY NO HARM! =)  As far as I concerned, Nippon Paint is environmental friendly to us! Recently, they came out with a new idea, which is, there's a series of paints which is environmental friendly. The series of paints are known as the GREEN CHOICE SERIES! Well, these green choice series paints do not consists of any harmful chemicals that will lead to air pollution and also health problems too. Isn't this good for us? =)

The Green Choice Series!  =P

Besides, Nippon Paint also provide us with the colour scheme service! Last time I used to use this service to check out on their latest paint colour. It is easy and convenient. =) All we need is just the 3 STEPS to get those beautiful walls! Their experts will recommend the BEST colour schemes for us! 

1st step : Upload the pics of the room.
2nd step : Subscribe online to get the benefits unlocked.
3rd step : Get the recommended colour choice deliver to the house!
*super duper easy right?*  =P

Plus, Nippon Paint have Colour Trends too! This is so unique as I always get to know what's the latest trend of paint that are widely used by everyone. *I won't be outdated since I always get to know the latest updates!* =P The latest trends are Urban Treasures, New Luxury, Back to Basics, Sky's The Limit, Individuality & Optimistic and finally, Homage to Culture! =) 

And not to forget, Nippon Paint have their own 'angels' too! Their 'angels' are known as Blobbies. =)  These Blobbies have their own 'super power'! There are FOUR blobbies all together.

The first one would be,

Odour-less Blobby!
He is in charged of refreshing the air, and act as protection too! *anti-bacterial!*  =)

Weatherbond Solar Effect Blobby!
He helps to reduce the surface temperature by 5 degree celcius! OMG! =P
*one way to cool the house eh?* 

Weatherbond Advance blobby!
He provides excellence resistance to dirt and protect the house from damaging effect of harsh weather! 
*Its around 8 years protection, cool right?*  =)

Spotless Blobby!
He can keeps the walls spotlessly CLEAN! No stains! =P

How I wish I will have these blobbies a.k.a angels too!
Heeeee! =P

Want to know more about the latest updates on Nippon Paint?
Check this out at the link below : 

Cross fingers that I would be one of the winner! =P


  1. A lot of cute blobbies! Good luck! :D

  2. @jayren thanks thanks! =)

    @qiwen thanks dear! wish u luck too! =D

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