Sunday, May 29, 2011

Flu attack!

*not dare to put it in big size, shy*  =P

Had a dull day today.
Morning - Stayed at home watching American Idol marathon.
*watched for hours!*  =O
J-Lo is way too awesome + sexy! My gosh! She can sing and dance too!
Love her latest - Hit on the floor feat with Pitbull.  =)

Afternoon - Had a quick lunch and watched dvd with sister. 
Watched a movie called "Uninvited". Some horror movie. =X

Night - Went to pasar malam with sister and cousin. Long time didn't visit night market. Eeek!
Bought a lot of snacks and drinks too. LOL!
I guess all these food lead to my FLU attack eh?  =P

Will be going to college tmr.
Going there to do some revision. 
Lonely? Hmm.

Btw, my granny fall sick again. I'm so worried for her.
Sigh. I don't know what to do to make her feel better.
She went to Sentosa Medical Centre today, but she couldn't be admitted to the hospital because she don't have any medical record there. All her record are still in UMSC and UH.
So she have to admit to UMSC or UH. Hopefully by tomorrow she will be better.
If not, she will have to be admitted to hospital. =(
I am really worried now. Its hurt, to see her like that. Sigh.
Pray hard for you, popo. Love you.


  1. Hope yr granny get well soon (: Don't worry, she will be fine.

  2. Will pray for your granny to get well soon! :)

  3. hope your granny get well soon ! take good care of her ya . =D

  4. hmmm sad post, hope your granny get well soon :)

  5. thanks qiwen, jayren and kian fai! =) will pray for her as well =)