Sunday, May 22, 2011

Key to my heart.

Phew, a busy weekend for me! =D  Well, for me, its a busy + exciting + tiring weekend la, but still I enjoy it and take it as part of my life.

Hmm, yesterday was an awesome day for me! I had my very first food tasting event with some other bloggers in Grand Dorsett Hotel. =)  It was really fun that I met a lot of bloggers like Eggie Jia Yeen, Yeeing, Jayren, Henry, Cmen, Elvin and Nikel! Stephanie deary and my sister were there too. We were kinda excited when we first starting to meet each other. Its was my first time to meet some of the bloggers like Eggie, Yeeing and Henry, well some other bloggers I already met them in another gathering. The event was really awesome, had a lot of fun there. Was a fun-filling day + tummy bursting day! Hee! =P

Thanks to Jayren for being the driver of the day, although he forgot to fetch us there, but still managed to fetch us back. LOL! =P  Will post more about the event soon!

Outfit of the day! 
*another dress from Bangkok!*

my high heels! =D

Steph's wedges!

Me and Stephanie deary! =)
I had a lot of nice, secret chat with her that day. 
She listened to me, understand me, tell me what to do, and doing all those crazy stuffs with me! =P
It was good, fortunate to have such a best buddy in my life! =)
Thanks Steph for being there for me all the time!
*I know you won't let me down!*  *hugs hugs!*  =D

Stay tuned for the post on food tasting event!

Btw, I went to Jusco, Metro Prima today. Thought want to watch Fast 5, mana tahu no more tickets already! OMG! so sad! =(  Changed plan and went shopping instead. LOL! Went to The Body Shop again. I think I starting to love their products! I bought a shower gel for my Uncle's birthday present and one body mist for myself.

Recycle bags from The Body Shop.

Olive Shower Gel. *smells good!*

Aqua Lily Body Mist! *50% off!*
Love the Lily smell! =P

Tomorrow will be having my Chemistry test.
And I haven't touch anything yet. Sigh.
Just finished my 3 lectures of Biology exercises. One whole day doing that.
Shall start studying Chemistry now.


  1. Good luck and all the best in your exam later ! =D

  2. see u next time..i see you people really enjoy the day...

  3. the shoes look a little small for you :P all the best for yr exam! :D

  4. Is the food tasting event F.O.C? That's awesome! All the best in your exam :) Fighting!!@

  5. @kyril =D

    @jayren thanks =D

    @nikel see u next time too! =)

    @hilda hmm, yea a bit tight, coz if too big, the heels will fly off =P

    @kelly yea, FOC! =D thanks! =)

  6. I got Body Shop body mist too, the Japanese Cherry Blossom 1.. aww, you got it for 50% off, so nice, missed out!