Sunday, May 15, 2011

Savadikap - Part 3

LOL! Actually its kinda late to continue my updates on Bangkok trip. Since I can't sleep now, so I guess i'll just update my blog. So, I'll just keep it short, and will put more photos instead.

Well, during my Bangkok trip, besides shopping, we went for tour too. We went to the famous Flooding Market in Bangkok. It was quite a long journey as we took 2 hours plus time to reach there. Once we reached there, my sister and I bought a hat each because the weather was too hot that time.

White hat!

Me and sis sitting on the boat, going to the floating market.

Dad and mom. =)

In the floating market.

Well, everyone was using boat to travel from one place to another.
Now they even sell food, drinks, souvenirs on boat too.
When you want to have a look on their stuffs, they will row their boat and came to you.
Quite a modern way of selling and buying stuffs. =)

There is a guy actually 'promoting' snakes!
LOL! no one dares to take photo with the snakes la =P

Love this shot!

Floating market!

Dad and mom again! =)

After that, we went to some factory that made furniture by wood. LOL. The factory was really big and they had a lot of nice products.

Me and dad!

Look at my hand! 

Sis and me!

My dad - the king! =D

same pose!

Family photo!

One last update for Bangkok next time.
Stay tuned! =)


  1. So fun! But do you fear that the boat will overturn? :P

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  3. wow.. thanks for sharing... hope to visits Thailand one day...

  4. @hilda haha, of course, thats why we have to sit one by one in the slim boat. =P

    @ronald thanks!

    @lonely haha, defnitely worth-going! =D

  5. nice!!...hope someday i can go there...hehehe

  6. wah... trip

  7. try take photos with the python, it's really a good experience you'll never forget..and well, the floating market seems very polluting compare to few years back when i was there..

  8. thanks for the comments guys!