Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Flash back!

My latest Facebook Profile pic.
With Cross Process Effect.

Hulala! My sister got back our school Inspirasi! Inspirasi means magazine? *i guess?* So, every year, my school will came out with the school Inspirasi, where all single droplets of the school life were written in it.

 And me, as a ex-Form 5 student would love to have this Inspirasi because we had our own page in the book! My class, 5 Amanah, and other classes too, had their own class page in the last section of the Inspirasi.

The front page of the school Inspirasi.  =)

Of course, I can't wait to flip every single page in the Inspirasi. Its like, I got the feelings of "getting back to school again!" Every single page in the Inspirasi got the memories in it. 

I saw our school prefect photos, librarian photos and also, PRS *peer helper* photos. 

I still remember last time, this 3 major organisation in the school, mainly PREFECTS, LIBRARIANS and PRS, always having conflict in school life. Librarians and PRS are good friends, but with prefects, its just like FIRE and ICE. LOL. 

But, the objectives of prefects and PRS are the same, but different with librarians. However, outside the school, we are friends, best friends, and some of them are couples too! =)  So, i guess, this is what we called 'in a complicated relationship' eh?

Well, here are some of the pages in the Inspirasi.

Group photos.
I am standing on the 2nd row. =)

The SPIRIT of PRS will not fade
Slogan of PRS! =)

5A class performance.
I remember we, 5A peeps were singing choir on the stage.

My class photo.
~ 5 Amanah ~

 5 Amanah's page!
page 1.
With all 5A students' pictures and email address on it.

Page 2.
Moments of US,
having fun,
having gathering,
having performances,

Looking back all those memories in my school life, i actually miss it! =)  All my teachers, my friends and maybe strangers, i guess i might can remember them? Hmm, who knows? xD


  1. Awww, seeing all these make me miss my highschool time. Hurrrm :o Have fun in your college/uni life!

  2. I saw you in those pictures! I miss my highschool time too )):

  3. most of the students are chinese.. isn't it?

  4. @yeeing haha! yea, i miss those moments now! =) thanks!

  5. @hilda haha! can saw me? fu yoh! xD

  6. @kimmei yea yea! i agreed too! xD

  7. @shah erm, my class got about 3 quarter of them =)

  8. can't remember whr's my yearbook.. o_O hehehee

  9. aww I lost my school book on form 5! =X

  10. @snoopy haha, must be somewhere deep inside ur cupboard eh? xD

  11. @kian fai haha! why so fast lost it? =P

  12. Nice ! mine last year haven't give yet :(