Friday, January 14, 2011

Hello! Time to update! =)

Well, this morning I wake up very early. I got no college today. So I decided to make 'popiahs' since CNY is around the corner. Will blog about it and post some of my 'popiahs' tmr. =)

So, after I did my 'popiahs', I watched Korean drama, entitled Stairway to Heaven. That drama was a BIG LOVE to me! Although I watched it for 3 times, but I don't get bored of it. I don't mind watching it again and again. LOL! =D

After that, I had my LAST driving lesson! =)  I hope its a LAST for me. So, I pray really, really hard that I won't failed my driving test on Monday. My driving test is on next Monday, 10am. I might be skipping some of my lessons in college.

My driving lesson was fine today. At first my instructor scolded a little, but after that no more. And we started to chit-chat. LOL! I still remembered how he scolded me last time. SO SCARY! =(  Now, I can really drive now, I GUESS? He even showed me a THUMBS UP today! =D  Hope I can drive well on Monday. Please? No PANIC! 

Got badminton session with my gang tomorrow! Hopefully my tummy will get better tmr! =)  Finger-crossed.

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  1. Stairways to Heaven is the best korean drama that I had ever watched :) I will never get bored about it.... I cried again. LOL!