Wednesday, January 26, 2011

'Run-Away' ?

I have started my college life last week. So, its time for a 'run away'! Practically, I moved from my house, to another house. Its actually my uncle's house. Since my uncle's house is just walking distance from KDU, so I decided to stay there with my cousin, so that I can get MORE sleep! =)

Actually, I do like my uncle's house. His house is big and comfortable. I love the garden there. Got a big pond there. =)  And not to forget he got cute doggieee! He got 3 actually. One is in white colour, named Snowy, another one in black colour, named Pebbles and the last one is in brown colour, named Fudgy. Three of them are so adorable. They like to 'lick' my leg! xD  Especially Fudgy.

Here are some of the pics of Fudgy and Pebbles.

Fudgy  &  Pebbles.

Fudgy, loveee.

Owh yea, talking about the outing with Stephanie Choo, a best friend of mine, blogger and inniter. We had fun together that day. We went Mid Valley and had our 'shopaholic' journey with her. After that, we had lunch together before heading back to her home. We had "LOL" there! What's "LOL" eh? =)

With Stephanie Love. =)

Heart this shot!



Shop of the day! =)

"LOL" !!!

Btw, how's my new bloggie header? =)


  1. Awwhh.. CUTE Dogs!!! ^^
    Happy CNY soon! :)

  2. love Fudgy & Pebbles,they are so adorable.

  3. Your header looks good. :) has stephy got over her car test sadness? hmmm

  4. @your humble servant thanks! hmm, i think yes. dun worry la! =)

  5. Fudgy is soooo cute! I want dogs like that so badly ):

  6. Hahah dear! XD U made the 4 pics into 1 n tats really nice! Gambadeh in ur college life! ^^

  7. @hilda hehe! yea, its superb cuteee!