Monday, January 17, 2011

Another Baking Story!

Yesterday, I had another BAKING SESSION with my family! =)  We decided to bake Pineapple Tarts and Chocolate Chips Butter Cookies.

Pineapple Tarts shall go first. =)

We got all the ingredients first, such as pineapple mix, pineapple pastry, margarine, egg white, egg yolk. We even had a special thing to do the shape of pineapple tarts.

Pineapple pastry.

The special thing. =)

It was really hard to bake pinapple tarts. We had to roll the pineapple pastry nicely, so that it can fits in the cookies. It was a long process and it took a lot of energy and time.

Sister rolling the pineapple pastry.

Ready to heat it up.

Heating in the oven.

My dad's hand became blue-black after using the special thing to pump the pastry out. =(

Freshly-baked!  =)

Next, Chocolate Chips Butter Cookies.

This one was a lil easy actually, since I always baked this type of cookies. =)  As usual, we got all the ingredients and started our baking session. 

Baking in process.

The dough.

First pattern we did.

Second pattern.

We were very happy with our baking sessions actually. At least we can bake nice, delicious cookies! =D  We planned to do more 'popiahs' and some keropok too! =)  

Somehow, I just, love cooking, baking. 

Owh yea, talking about my 'move out'. I will be staying in my uncle's house temporarily, for months i guess because my uncle's house is just walking distance to KDU. It is more convenient and most important, I don't have to wake up early and CAN GET MORE SLEEP! =)  Will try to online as often as i can. 



  1. @steph no prob! come to my hse! =P

  2. Alien, u should open a bakery shop la....;-)

  3. They look very delicious..congratz..

  4. it's so cool....
    seem not so hard for baking:)

  5. weeeee i love pineapple! :)
    urs look so yummy!
    recipe recipe??? heheheh

  6. @sandra haha! open a bakery shop? no la >.<

  7. @sherry no problem =) anytime! xD

  8. @One thanks! =) yea, its hard to make pineapples one, but choco chip is easy =)

  9. @hocan yea la, sure give u la =P
    @cloudy hee! =)

  10. the pineapple thingy is my favorite..cant wait for cny liao.. wanna fast fast cny then can eat .. hehe

  11. Pineapple tarts are my fave ;P Gimme some can can? :DD

  12. @tikky haha! i can't wait for it too! =)

  13. @hilda hehe! no prob! its my fav too! =)

  14. ZOMG! I freaking love that pineapple tart! I once finished up all those tart during hari raya open house at one time. But its kinda sad tho that this delicious tart is hard to find except during the festive season. huhu