Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gahhh! Nervous!

OMG !!!
* I am so dead right now! *

I got my DRIVING TEST tomorrow! Owh gosssh! I am so nervous right now! I keep on thinking a lot of WHAT IF..... 

What if the car slide down on the hill?

What if the car 'mati engine'?

What if I forget how to control the clutch when I get panic?

What if I can't remember all the steps to parking, go up hill and 3 point turn?

What if the tester yelled at me? Will I get panic?

What if I failed tomorrow?

* Thinking of all these, I really, really don't know what to do! Sigh! *

Will blog about my another BAKING STORY tomorrow.
Owh, I will be 'leaving home' tomorrow, for months? maybe?
Will blog about it tomorrow too!

* Driving test MOOD now! *


  1. just stay calm.. u will be ok.. dont get ur nervous stop u from practicing what u know gluck !

  2. Don't think so much, Xue Ren! JUST DO IT =D

    Waiting for your good news <3

  3. Haha.. I remember I was superrrrr nervous too! You will do well! :)

  4. just show cute face to the examiner. you'll get through just like that! no worries. good luck by the way!

  5. Believe in yourself...the car will be fine.