Sunday, January 30, 2011

Boom boom boom!

Hey guys! I'm back! =)  I miss my bloggieee and tumblieee! Heee! =) 

CNY is coming people! Seriously can't wait for it! ANGPOW mari mari mari! xD  All my baking stories were done by today. Can't wait to eat them all next week! =)

Part of it.  =P

Btw, I got my Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid SimCard from Stephanie yesterday! =)  Thanks to Jayren who helped me to collect the simcard from NuffNang office and Stephanie who helped me to collect it from Jayren in Innit gathering. Too bad I couldn't join the 'lou sang' dinner with bloggers on Friday. Wanted to accept the invitation in fb but due to some personal reasons, I couldn't attend. So sad. =(  Will definitely go next time! 

Well, I took part in this WTF about Tune Talk contest. *Not What the F*** k?* =P  And I was one of the winner in this contest with the other bloggers such as Hilda, Jayren, QiWen, Tikky and Cmen

Here's my winning comment. =D

WTF about tune talk? Of course its my BIG BIG LOVEEE! So, why do I want to experience Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid?
First, I can stay up all night and talk non-stop to my family and friends. I love gossiping since I was addicted to Gossip Girl last time. =P
Second, I can get FREE RM100,000 Personal Accidental Insurance Coverage underwritten by Etiqa if one day, I talk too much or too long on phone and the phone explode and BOOOOM, i still have insurance to cover! xD
Third, I can get a free Air Asia ticket to travel! Aren’t this AWESOME? I can get free trip! Plus, I get to spend time together with my family. Time to treasure the time with family! Feel the LOVEEE! =)
Four, I can get super duper low flat rate nationwide, anytime and anytime where! Even its in overseas or ‘innerseas’, we still can get low flat rate! I don’t have to worry spending too much on phone calls too! =)
Lastly, I can change my number anytime! What if people stalk me? What if people hack my line? I sure have to change your number right? And this is what Tune Talk can provide me! =D
What about Digi? What about Maxis? What about Celcom? What about U Mobile? *FORGET IT!* xD

I was very happy when I received email from Teoh Xinxian. =D   I was rewarded with a Tune Talk SimCard, with RM 100 preloaded! =)  Most probably gonna chg my number soon, because Tune Talk is really really really rewarding! Its really much more cheaper than Maxis, Digi and U Mobile! Try it out! 

Aren't all of these rewarding?
5 cents per sms to all network!

Will blog a review on it soon!
*part of my job as one of the winner*

Wanna know more about Tune Talk?
STAY TUNED people!


  1. congratulations!! will u be going for the briefing at hilton hotel?

    See u there if u are! :)