Saturday, January 8, 2011

House so-called 'renovation' !

Its Saturday night! and I'm here to blog about my day. My day was dull, and practically, I got nothing to do at home. I am bored. My life now is, sleep, eat and play. LOL. I need something to do now, really! Other than having driving lessons.

So, this morning, i woke up late. Kinda tired nowadays. My panda eyes getting bigger and bigger. =(  I wondered why. Well, my mom wasn't at home today because she got meeting in DBP. So, my dad, my sis and I came out with an idea to do some small 'renovation' in our house. 

Thus, my dad and I went to some hardware shop nearby Maluri to get the paint. We planned to paint the walls in my living room. We planned to do it contrast. One wall is in the original colour, beige and the other wall we will paint in another contrast colour, what they called, Raspberry Crunch. What a pretty name right? Sounds crunchy eh? xD

After that, we got all the 'apparatus and materials' and started our work. 

Sis posing with the brush and ladder. =P

Daddy measuring the wall.

It was, indeed a looooong work, but it was fun actually. Using the brush and paint the wall seems so easy, but when u start working on it, it is tiring.  A few hours later, the wall was done, with new, lively, fresh look! =)

Ta da!
New colour, new look!
FOR CNY!  =)

Closer look.

Went to Tesco Kepong Village just now and watched Gulliver's Travel in MBO. It was my first time watching movie in MBO. The cinema was okay, still new but very cold. 

Watched this movie.
It was a nice, funny movie.
Everyone in the cinema was laughing from the start to the end of the movie.
I really, enjoyed the movie very much.
It did cheer me up, a lot. =)


  1. red WALL~~~ CNY WALL~~ hahaha..

  2. new house looks nice.. but that one photo is like ur checking ur dad ass.. OPS ! hehe just kidding

  3. Nice nice (: I enjoy painting walls too but it can be tiring sometimes hehe

  4. quite fun eh.. get to paint the home wall :)

  5. @hocan haha! this is so called 'hock qi' ma! xD

  6. @tikky checking my dad's ass? OMG! =P

  7. @hilda yea yea. it may be fun, bt its tiring as well =)

  8. @ken yea, i enjoyed painting too! =D

  9. Gosh i love the clr of the wall...