Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hee! College time!

 Heee! Its me! In the small photo!  =P

And its me again! =P
in the billboard! xD

Found out this software recently.
Kinda interesting.
Its a software called Photo Funia.
Feel free to try it out!  =)

Owh yeah! Hello world! 
I am so excited! Booooo! xD
 I am going to college tomorrow!
*although its not officially yet since its just orientation day*

Anyway, I am really, really very happy that,
finally I am out of home!
*guess that too much time rotting at home eh?*

The details of my college life :
College that I attend : KDU College *PJ branch*
Course : UNSW Foundation in Science 
Duration : 1 Year

Finger-crossed that everything will be fine tomorrow! =)


  1. Wow,I wanna back to coll also.. T,T

    happy day ya Babe!! =]

  2. @bendan haha! college life is nice right? =)

  3. Good luck hehe =D I can't wait to go to my college as well =)

  4. Good Luck!!! All the best, ok?
    Have fun & meet new friends

  5. Good luck and all the best ! Have fun in the orientation ! =D Make more new friend there ya . =D

  6. @lily @kelly @isaac @jayren @simon thanks guys! =)