Friday, January 7, 2011

Back to school!

Sigh. It started with a 'sigh', so it means, its not a good day huh? I had my FIFTH driving lesson this morning. And it definitely, ruined my day! =(  

I just don't get it why my instructor kept scolding me. I woke up early this morning, and i got scoldings from him. I was very sad. I felt like crying. He scolded me, is like he is my customer, i have to serve him, and everything he is correct. Sigh. 

Whenever the instructor beside me, I just can't drive well. He kept scolding me, like scolded me not paying attention, haven't wake up yet and bla bla bla. Still got other stuffs, but i just don't feel like mention it at all. It just BOOM my day! But, I can drive well without him beside me. I wondered why.

After driving lesson, I went to my former school, SMKTBM. I had a date with Miss Chai, together with Emily and Fabian. We packed some nasi lemak for teachers too. 

The school was different nowadays. How izzit different? Hmm, my school had a new blok of classrooms, a new open-hall and a new canteen. While the old hall had been renovated to some sort of ' dancing studio' because got a lot of mirrors and 5 air-conditioner. Envy betul! xD

Me, Emily and Fabian were busy chit-chatting with Miss Chai in UBK. We talked about future studies, colleges and of course PRS too. The chat among us, really did make me happy back. =)

I visited some of my teachers too, such as Puan Siti Liah, Miss Tang, Puan Tan, Cik Kamala, Puan Rosidah and of course my beloved Puan Tenh! I got to hug her today! =)  We chatted a lot, about studies, about life and about relationship. She is indeed, a lovely teacher.

Btw, I got to meet some of my friends there. First I met Lok Yeok, then I met Way Shen, and then I met Joel, Carmen, Xin Yan, Sweet Yee and Hon Lam. We were happy to meet each other and actually, we didn't thought to meet them there either. Had lunch with Emily and Fabian after that.

Went to Selayang there just now. Went to the Palace to book place for reunion dinner. Almost fully-booked. Lol. It gonna be a big big family that night. 26 of us. =)

Chinese New Year! Can't wait!


  1. still got a month before CNY.. i'm looking forward for the holiday..

  2. Till now I still haven't go back to school...
    I heard people said the dewan is damn cool. Why they didn't built it before we finished school.