Monday, January 10, 2011

If I Were The Green Hornet?

The Green Hornet.
Actor / Actress : Seth Rogen, Jay Chou, Christoph Waltz, Cameron Diaz

The movie is about the story of a regular person who decides to do something about the bad, bad world out there and protect us from all the burglars, murderers and other baddies lurking out there! So, I gonna said that this movie, The Green Hornet will be the spotlight of the world! 

Well, if I were the Green Hornet, what would I do to stop the crime? 

First and foremost, I will attend the Magic School in the Wizard World

I will learn magic, to stop the crime without hurting anyone. I bet no one in this world like WAR right? So, as an ANTI-WAR 'warrior', I will choose a 'softer' way, which is by learning magic. I will have my very own magic wand to catch all the bad guys who commit any crimes. 

I am the 'future-teller'
Can predict when will have crime! xD

Besides that, I will learn all sorts of different 'kung fu' or 'tai chi' to protect myself from being attacked by the dark ones and of course, protect the others from harm. Its my duty, as the Green Hornet, to protect the society from being harmed by the dark ones. I will toned up my musles, just like Miss Armstrong, so that I am fit and strong enough to stop the crimes.

Just like her will do .  =)

Lastly, I will invent some unique outfit for the people in the society. The outfit is bulletproof, waterproof, anti-acidic, anti everything! xD  Of course, the outfit must be modern and stylish! =)  And IT IS A MUST to have a secret 'button' in the oufit, so that if anyone is in trouble, all they have to do is PRESS the button, and I will come over and rescue them! 

Each and every 'button' have its own superpowers!
Beware of it! xD

I, the Green Hornet.

Am the one who protect the world!

To stop the crimes!  =)