Wednesday, February 15, 2012

You and me together, nothing is better.

Yikes! Random thoughts in my mind recently.  xD
*Shhhhh shhhhh shhhhh*

Oops anyway, Air Asia is having mega sales now. Mommy was busy searching the AirAsia web pages early in the morning. She even woke me up to search for any nice deals for holidays too. 

Well well, so far, she alrdy booked for Taiwan and Bali trip. Only have to spend less than 3k for flight tickets per person! CHEAP CHEAP! =)

We will be going to Bali in March, but my sis and I won't be going to Taiwan in November. I have to accompany my sister for her SPM! Too bad for us. I always wanted to go Taiwan because of their place of attractions, delicious food and nice scenery + weather. But nevermind, mommy promised to bring us there next time!  :)

At first, we were planning to go Singapore for holidays. Wanted to visit Universal Studio again since there's a new ride available : Transformers the Ride. But Bali, another place that we always wanted to go. Which one to choose? and which one to give up eh? 


We decided to say Bye Bye to Transformers the Ride!

And say hello to Bali, Indonesia!  =)

Hopefully I'll be fully recovered that time.
*fingers crossed* 

Oops, preparations in process. Ta da ta da! *remain silence*  xD


  1. aww,i wanna go bali also! have fun n bali n take alot of pictures kay? :P

    1. en en, hopefully i'll be fully recovered by that time. Baru boleh enjoy 99! xD

  2. It's so nice that you guys always go on a trips (: Wish you speedy recovery!

  3. Bali is definetely a good place . relaxing...
    beautiful beaches..

  4. Bali's a great place! Hope you'll have a great time there! :)

    1. i will! thanks for dropping by my bloggie! :)

  5. Bali's a wonderful island! But you will get tired from long-distance traveling seriously. Shopping will be great with cheap deals :)

    Here's my travelogue on Bali, hope it can help you to plan your itinerary :) Feel free to drop by!