Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hello Feb!

Angry bird and I ! :)

I can't believe its actually February now!! Time flies eh? I've been working for one month now, and I'm getting used to working life too. Hanging out with the teachers and children is like, part of my daily life now. And I'm happy actually, to have them as part of my life. In fact, they cheer me up, a lot. Although sometimes the kiddies may be very naughty. 

Sweet Yee is no more working in the kindergarten starting yesterday. She will be starting her uni life soon. So, I'm the only assistant teacher there, and it increases my working load for a day. Feel tired and sleepy easily, especially in the afternoon. Sigh. Hopefully I can cope with the working load. Pray hard for that.

There's no more turning back.


  1. Hey, your Angry Bird pix drew me to this post! I'm a huge fan of AB. Hahaha! Happy CNY & all the best to your career!

  2. Hello Snow Woman! Happy February and GOng Hei Fatt Chooi!