Wednesday, February 1, 2012

iBilik - KL Rooms for Let!

Recently, I was looking for a room to rent, somewhere near Taylor's Lakeside Campus since I'll be studying there few months later. Well, I was still thinking whether to car pool, or rent a room, because Taylor's Uni from my house is quite far + heavy traffic around that area. Wanted so save some money for petrol + tol! =P

Then, a few days ago, when I was flipping around the web pages, I came across a site called iBilik (formerly known as CariBilik). This site is one of the Malaysia's largest and No. 1 room for rent/homestay/short term rental website, with over 100,000 listings posted online all across Malaysia, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Bangsar, Cheras and other hot spots in KL.


iBilik is so well known, where we can see advertisements for iBilik anytime, anywhere.

So this is the main page of iBilik that I saw once I entered the website.

Then all I have to do is to put in the key word at the Search bar below the huge map. I typed in 'Taylor's Lakeside Campus' and immediately, it showed a results of 16 ROOMS FOR RENT! At first I thought it might take some time to show the results, or even no results shown. Instead, the results shown are very clear in description. Like, the cost, types of room mates preferred, Internet facilities and so on.

Some of the results shown.

Clear description of the room to be rent.
With monthly rental, preference and extras provided on the site.
Plusss, contact number is provided too! 

All the information needed can be found easily on iBilik website. Its Free Of Charge, and don't have to register for anything! Isn't it simple and convenient enough? :)  So if any of you who is interested to find a room for rent or looking for short term rentals, feel free to check out iBilik yeah!