Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant!

Alohaaa! Right now, I'm so full, till I couldn't sleep at all. 
All thanks to DAORAE, for feeding me delicious yummy food! =P

As I mentioned earlier, I'm working as an assistant teacher at Sunny Boy kindergarten until I start my degree in March. So today, after we finished our work, we went to Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant to have a CNY dinner gathering. The principal of the kindergarten was kind enough to treat us a nice dinner. Before that, she actually gave us 2 angpows weyy! So generous! =)

Here are some of the food photos. Enjoy!

Waiting for the meat to be grilled.

Side dishes.

The 'thing' to suck all the smoke.

Seaweed soup.

Grilled meat. We ordered chicken and pork ones.


Pancake, stuffed with seafood.

Some ginseng chicken soup.

We even ordered noodles and spicy 'nian gao' too.
Overall, the food is fresh, delicious, and very delicious! =P
The side dishes can be refill, UNLIMITED!
But kinda pricey though. Worth to try it!

Location of the restaurant :
17-1-2, JLN METRO PERDANA 7, TMN USAHAWA KEPONG,KL17-1 Jalan Metro Perdana 7
51200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia