Saturday, February 11, 2012

Million of words but ...

Yo yo! Finally an update after like so long. And BEWARE : this time would be a lengthy post. Well, I was really sick few days ago, until I couldn't do anything at all. I couldn't even eat, drink and sleep properly! So blogging, definitely a NO too. That time would be my most LIFELESS time because practically, I spent my day by waking up, eat medicine and sleep, and the routine goes on and on and on and on and on.....

All of this starts from Saturday, after I went for a family gathering at DJ area. I've no idea what I've eaten until I had terrible food poisoning, which makes me having severe vomiting and diarrhoea for like 4 days??!! Of course, because of that, I'm having serious dehydration, until my skin look yellowish, REALLY UGLY! =(

Then 3 days later after I had food poisoning, I experienced some 'problems' with my left ear. I've no idea why my left ear keep producing so much irritating sounds, and BLOOD + WATER flowing out from the ear hole too! I know this sounds crazy, but this is really happening to me. And because of all these things, I was admitted to hospital for 1.5 days and cost my parents like for nearly 2.2k!!! Just the freaking medicine had cost me RM 300+ ! Now I have a whole big bag of medicines to finish up. Eeek! AKU TAK SUKA MEDICINE! *HELPPP!*  =(

And according to doctor, I had food poisoning and gastric, and at the same time, there'a a hole behind my ear drum. A HOLE?! This really freaks me out! :O  The doctor used some machine to wash my ear. Darn hurt and irritates me. She even tried to use a camera to put inside my nose and ear, its like forcing some tube into my ear and nose! For me, I don't like it cause it's PAIN! Sigh. The thing is I've to do this thing for like many times in order to heal my ear. An appointment to go next week, on VALENTINE's DAY somemore. LOL!!!

Oops! Because I was admitted to hospital, I forgot about the date to meet Thara, JQ and Sherry at e-Curve for the movie screenings! So sorry lovelies! Didn't mean to ffk you girls! Will try to meet you all up once I have recovered.  =)


  1. wow no wonder didnt see u update for some time!
    hole? hmmm sounds serious wey!
    anyway do get well soon kayyyy! take care!

    1. Thanks for the concern n comment henry! :)

  2. Take care. Nowadays, a lot of people fall sick easily.

  3. U really had a terrible sickness...
    Hope u get well son n drink more water...

  4. OMG so shocked to know u fell terribly sick :(
    Hope you're better now!