Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Mummy!

February 22, its HER birthday! :)
I made this huge 3D card for her birthday present. 

Today is my mummy's birthday. She is a wonderful mummy + teacher. 
To be honest, she is very fierce, REAL FIERCE that type. She sort of 'trained' me since I was young until now. Like what she always said, STUDY IS THE MAIN PRIORITY. Thats why she always coach me to get to top of the world, although sometime I don't. But she never give up encouraging me. 
I remember how she taught me Math at night, how she scolded me for don't know how to do a simple question. And I'm pretty sure I don't like her that time. LOL! I was like, WHAT?! she is my mummy and how dare she scold/slap her daughter like that. Till now, I still remember the slap. I'm so scared of her. LOL! 

I'm writing this not because I hate her or what. When I flashed back the memories, I know what my mummy did is for my own good. Now my Math is my strongest and favourite subject after all. I always try to do my best and get some achievements to make her proud. My awesome results for UPSR, PMR, SPM, Pre-U are all her contribution. Her love to me is like, INFINITY! 

And now I just want to say, I love you mummy
My love to you, is INFINITY too! 
*You're slowly approaching the level of SENIOR CITIZENS!* =P


  1. Happy Birthday to your mama ^_^

  2. "happy birthday to your mom "greeting from kuantan 4u

  3. Your mum's birthday ya. Happy belated birthday to your mum. How old is your mum already?