Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Say hello to Bangkok!

*Orange-iee nails!*

Going to Bangkok tomorrow!
*kinda excited now!* =P
Gonna wake up superb early tomorrow, so I'm not sure whether I'm sleeping tonight. LOL.
Packed all my stuffs just now. 
And I'm going to shop until I broke there! =P
Already made a 'to-buy-list'  Haaa! =D

This morning, Ling Sze & Pearly came to my house.
Ling Sze even helped me to polish my nails too. *big love to Ling Sze!* =)

Nail polish bought from The Face Shop yesterday.

Thanks Ling Sze! *love the nails!*

Btw, I finished my e-forum & MS slides.
But, I'm still kinda blurr in my slides though. =(

Will update my blog as soon as I come back from Bangkok!
Stay tuned! =)
*miss you!*

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