Sunday, April 10, 2011

Getting better?

Went to UiTM with parents this afternoon.
*have to find out how to go there first*
JPA interview is at early in the morning.
Better know how to go there first. =)

And OMG! We used 2 hours to find where is UiTM! =(
Plus, we was lost somewhere in the middle of the journey. LOL!
2 UiTM, but in two different places. 
Have to ask the passer-by too.
So complicated eh! 

Owh well, I have my Chemistry test tomorrow again.
Gotta study later. =)
Will be back to my ex-school with Ling Sze and Carmen tomorrow morning. =)
Need to find the school principal.
Hopefully won't be late to college tomorrow!
Heee! =D

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