Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I do, i do, i do do do do do!

Red Riding Hood The Movie.

Watched this movie with LingSze and Pearly in GSC I Utama.
*tickets are cheaper since I'm using student card* =P

Well, back to ex-school in the morning. LingSze finally signed her documents. =)
Headed to 1 Utama after that. Had lunch @ Penang Flavours. *my fav asam laksa!*
Watched the movie after that. Bumped into Kalye and one more guy eh! =P
The movie was quite nice actually. Loveee the handsome guy in the movie!
Went to The Face Shop and bought some nail polish. Hee! =)
Had tea-time @ ZanMai Sushi & Auntie Annes too. *yummy pretzels!* 

Headed to KDU after that. I went for my SUKDU meeting while Pearly & LingSze asked for their courses. They even used my ID card to online while waiting for me to end my meeting too. LOL! =)

2 more days to Bangkok trip! *excited!*

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