Thursday, April 21, 2011

First outing with college friends!

Well first, my very first semester of college life ended today! =D
*so happy!*
Having one week+ break now.
Lotsa plans during this one week holidays. Heee! =)
The time flies so fast, and now its alrdy end of April, going to May!
And now I'm senior alrdy. LOL! Got more juniors in April intake. Heee! =)

I finished my last paper, which is Chemistry this morning.
The paper wasn't that hard, but I not sure with my answers.
Had some plans with college mates after that.
We decided to go Times Square Theme Park.

We went there by Putra & Star LRT.
Reached there around lunch time.
Had lunch at Papa John. Food was delicious. =)
Love the butter ginger thingy.

After lunch, we went to the theme park.
It ended up only ME, YUN and TRISHNA went to the theme park.
The guys were too 'sick' to go to the theme park. LOL.

Had a lot of fun there.
All the rides made us dizzy.
We went there, and we screamed our life out! =P
*one way to de-stress!*

We even went to the Haunted House there.
For them, its not scary, 
My god! I screamed like mad inside the haunted house.
And the 'ghost' kept chasing me behind. Freaking scaring! ><

Top : ROMP
Bottom : Google

Entrance ticket.

Roller coaster track. =)

The coaches.

Dizziest thing ever!

Yun and me! *best college mates ever!*

Crazy me!

Another terrified ride.
I was hanging up 'in the sky'! 
Scaryyyyy! ><

Haunted house entrance.

Broken 'hand' 

Group photos.
From left : Me, Trishna & Yun

College life is fun! =D
Love you two!


  1. envy.. i m stil having my final >.< nice outing btw.. hehehe

  2. im still new with my new classmates :P

  3. @nick haha! gambateh for ur final! =)

    @steph soon will very friend one. no worries dear! =)