Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lovely outing with the ladies + one little guy!

Wow! I guess I am really busy this weekend eh? =P I had been 'stuffed' with lots of programs during my one week semester break. Thurs - Times Square outing with college friends. Fri - Hang out with LingSze, Pearly & Kit Teng + Karaoke session. Sat - Hari Anugerah Cemerlang + Lunch at Kay's Garden + Photoshoots in Ling Sze's house + Swimming session with the ladies. Sun - Accompanied sister to re-do her IC in Maju Junction + Buffet Lunch at Quality Hotel + Praying session in temple somewhere in Sentul.

Photo of the day : Purple baju kurung in Hari Anugerah Cemerlang.

Well I gonna post up quite a number of pics here about the outing with the ladies last night! =) Being together with old friends a.k.a sweet hearts, really a memorable outing! Enjoyed that day although it was a tiring day. Enjoy the photos! =)

Outfit of the day!

The ladies!
From left : Stephanie, LingSze, Carmen, Pearly and Me.

Epic! *look at Steph's face!* =P

Sister with DSLR + one piece of orange in her mouth! 

Me, learning how to use dslr! =)

From left: Sis, Carmen, Pearly.

Another epic! *look at her sour face!* =P
Photo taken by me! Heee!

Me heart Steph! =D

Love this shot! =)

Me & 'Me'!  *childhood me i mean!*  =P

Me, wearing swimming suit inside! =)

The ladies in Nadia, DPC.
*preparing to swim!*

Me and Steph in the swimming pool. *spotted LingSze* =P

Me & my sis  =)

Steph, LingSze and me! *another heart shot!*  =P

Me heart LingSze. *after taking shower* =)

Stephanie, the dutchlady girl! =P

I looked like fish eh? =P

Relaxing. Hmmm. =)

Me, Steph's bro and steph.  =D

Pity him for helping us to carry all the bags! =P

This ladies outing was incredibly awesome!
*first time swimming with friends eh?*
*first time seeing Pearly wearing singlet* =P
Hopefully the next outing with them would be fun!
Will miss them lotsss! =)


  1. hehehe.. nice outing there ya ;)

  2. @nick haha! thanks! =)

    @hilda no la no la. not my dslr =) my friends one =P

  3. Hahaha,the 'spot ling sze in the pool' pic was damn funny weh! XD Love the pics!!

  4. haha! i purposely edit that one =P i love those pics too! =)