Tuesday, April 12, 2011

JPA interview.

Woke up 5am in the morning!
Was very sleepy, that I actually dragged myself to the washroom. LOL! =P
Had 'siew pao' for breakfast and waited for my dad to fetch me to UiTM for JPA interview.

Reached UiTM around 7 in the morning.
Registered myself in some pondok there.
Waited there for quite some time for my session.

My letter. =)

The pondok where all of us have to register there.

Daddy was with me all the time. =)

I changed my outfit actually.
*from formal clothes to baju kurung*
My formal clothes = skirt + blouse + blazer
But all of the girls wore baju kurung.
I felt awkward, and I changed to baju kurung after that.

Outfit of the day!

Purple! =D


Well, I was really nervous.
I was in a group of 4. 2 Malay and 2 Chinese.
Before that, we had to prepare all the certs and gave to the person in-charge.

My mind was blank when I was in the interview room.
There's 3 panel, looking very strict, and they sat in front of us.
They started to ask lots of questions, in Malay and English.
Which means, we have to answer in Malay and English too.
* my malay cacat arldy  =P *
The questions, were kinda tricky actually.
We even had discussion too.
Had to give our point of view.

My interview session was around 45 minutes.
Rushed back to college after that.



  1. All the best. You know what? I didn't attend the meeting due to the website mentioning I didn't get the interview but name is actually in the interview lsit! wtf.

  2. All the best for getting the scholarships =D