Saturday, April 2, 2011

Took this photo in college =)

Update of the day!

Feeling extremely tired today. Was out almost the whole day. Well, I had my first facial in Herbaline in Metro Prima. And facial, is not RELAXING at all! =(  *superb pain!* I even cried. LOL! But the massage was really good! After the facial session, I went to the optic shop nearby there. I bought a new specs again. And this time, is a full frame one. =) *nerdy look!* 

Btw, I got lotsa homework to do. And I will have my another presentation on Wednesday. OMG! almost 100 students will be there. *nervous!* =(  Hopefully everything will be alright. 

Urgh, headache attack, again! =(


  1. Pain is one of the reason I will never have a facial treatment D: Btw, all the best for yr college stuffs, you can do it!

  2. @hilda haha! thanks! =D *scared of facial alrdy* =P