Thursday, April 7, 2011

My big day!

Well yesterday, I had my very BIG day! =P  Its my presentation day! And this presentation was in group work, and fortunately, all of us managed to handle the presentation well.

It was really, scary! I can't believe that when I stood on the stage, in front of all the audience *around 100 ppl*, and my hand was trembling! =(  I tried to calm down, pretend everyone is watermelon and just crap around with my script. LOL! Luckily everything was okay.

Feedback was not bad. Lecturer told me to watch more news, see how those reporters present in front of the audience. And he wants me to improve more on tone in my next presentation in May. Hopefully, I will improve. =)

outfit of the day!
top - Kitschen
bottom - Amour

Heels - Vinci
The high heels KILL my lovely feet! =(

Camwhore!  =P


  1. You look nice and mature! In front of 100people, that was crazy and scary!

  2. thanks kelly! yeah, its really SCARY! =(