Saturday, April 9, 2011

Oooh Maiii Goshhhhh!

Wow! Good news i guess? =)

Well, last night, I received Ling Sze's and Carmen's call. And they told me that JPA's results was out last night. And they told me they got it to the interview stage. They told me to check too. I was really nervous while I was logging in into the JPA site. My heart was beating really fast.

And guess what? I got 'tahniah' from them! =) Which means, I got it to the interview stage too! hee! I thought I won't even get through the first stage, but now I get a chance to go for interview! Yipeeeee! =D The interview is on Tuesday, in Uitm, Shah Alam. I have no idea how to get there. LOL!

Owh yeah, went to UMSC again. Met another prof. Sigh. This time is my neuro problem. I guess, I have really bad, bad, bad health. =( He did some eye-sight checking and reflex checking for me. He gave me the medicine to stop the pain first. Hopefully, really can stop my pain la. Please? =(  My next appointment is on this coming Saturday. Please recover fast. Exam coming soon! =(

Slowly, I am in love with my so-called 'nerdy' look! =)