Thursday, March 3, 2011

Awesome outing with my sweet hearts!

I know its a bit late to post this outing. But I was really busy with my college work these few days. =(  Hectic college life.

So talking about my outing last Saturday. Me, Ling Sze, Carmen and Lyn decided to have a girls outing in Curve. We planned to watch I am Number 4 + Shopping! All of us were happy + a lil bit of excited, because we miss each other so much! =P  We seldom hang out since we were graduated from high school. Miss them, especially thinking back those crazy and funny moments in high school. =)  Not to forget, I miss Emily too! =D  Too bad she couldn't join us for the outing that day.

Ling Sze fetched me and Carmen to Curve that day. Thumbs up for Ling Sze's AWESOME parking skills! After that, we went to Little Penang Cafe for lunch. I had Penang Prawn Mee. Yummy! =)  Watched I am Number 4 in e-Curve after lunch.

I am Number Four.
Thumbs up for this movie! =D
Alex Pettyfer is so handsome. Awww! =P
Btw, Dianna Agron is so sweet.
She looks good with Alex.  =)

After that, we took a lot of photos too, using the machine ones. It was a lil expensive but worth it. =) Here are the pictures I took with my sweet hearts. =D

Ignore the sea shells bra!  =P

Car - Carmen.  XR - Xue Ren
LS - Ling Sze.  EL - Ee Lyn

The red square blouse is me.
White colour is Carmen.
Black is Ling Sze.
Orange is EeLyn.

I love this shot!

'Posing by the sea-side'  =P

I heart this shot the most!
*scary huh?*  =)

Its really COOL to have this outing with my sweet hearts.
Enjoyed myself that day too.

I guess, 
next time we meet each other is on
23rd March 2011?
*SPM results releasing date!*
*not sure yet btw, but most probably*  =P


  1. I love those photos! How much? You girls are so pretty... =D

  2. The last time I took these kind of photo was last last year lol at One Utama (:

  3. @qiwen hmm, about 24 ringgit per session? *expensive but worth it!* hehe! thanks! =D

    @hilda haha, fun right? =D

  4. Never take these kind of photos before hehe anyway, you look very pretty :D

  5. @lily haha! u should try it out one day! thanks! =D

  6. u girls look cute in those sticky pics! :)
    hehe and i like the songs in ur playlist too!