Tuesday, March 15, 2011

When I just realised?

Hey world!
I'm back to blogging world again! =)

These two hectic weeks were superb tiring.
Busy with my college work, and presentation.
This coming Thursday will be my English Presentation.
And at the end of month I will be having my Moral Education Presentation too!

Had my math test today.
Did some silly mistakes.
Kinda disappointed, but...
hmm, maybe I should forget it.

Owh yeah, two weeks ago, SHILLS came to my college to do some promotion on facial, cosmetics and slimming products.
I bought SOME facial products from them too.
Their products are, seriously GOOD! =)
*strongly recommended*  =P
And I got a free photoshoot from them too.

One of the photo from Herbal Essence too.

Take 1.

Take 2.

College life is hectic,
but i guess I am in love with college life! 
Its, DIFFERENT world!  =D


  1. Aiyo :D Photoshoot leh! You look pretty, Xue Ren!

  2. Can I have a dinner date with you? =P

  3. @lily thanks! =D

    @kian fai haha!*blush*

    @vivi thanks! =D

  4. You look great girl! :)
    anyways, u tried the facial product to remove blackheads one?