Monday, March 21, 2011

One or Two?

Saturday, 19/3

Went to KDU in the morning. Had Scholarship Award Presentation in the auditorium. Got my cert. =)  After that, I work for open day. *part of SUKDU job*  My friends came to open day too. So happy that they came and support me. Work until 4 something in the evening. Went back to my 'real home' after that.

my cert.

Sunday, 20/3

Woke up at 6 in the morning. Went to Nilai Memorial Park to 'ching ming'  After 4 hours later, I went back to KDU again. Started to work until 4 something too. I was exhausted as my leg was 'functioning' all the time without resting. Then, I went home to take shower and get ready to meet my friends in QQ, Metro Prima. By that time, I was really tired, and i planned to ffk, but i didn't. I don't want to skip my best friend b'day party. =)  Had steamboat buffet in QQ. The food was nice, especially the soup. All of us bought a cake from Secret Recipe for Lyn. And I bought a ring for her too. Will give her another b'day present soon.

A lake of lotus.

Zoom in.

Lotus as background.

Cake from Secret Recipe.

To honey, Lyn. =)

A ring for her.

Lyn, B'day Girl!

Sweet couple : Lyn & Whan.



Lovely friends. =)

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