Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SPM results is out!

Hola world!
Its SPM releasing day today! 
*nervous* like h*** this morning.
I not even dare to look at my own results.

Anyway, I am satisfied with my results this time.
I got 9A and 1B+ *Chinese*
Extremely happy for that! =D
Congratz to LingSze and Carmen who got straight A's.
My cousin, Sweet Yee who got 9A's too.
Eelyn who got 8A's.
Emily who got 6 or 7A's  *forgot alrdy* LOL.
And Stephanie who got 7A's too! =)

My SPM results!

Whole stack of certs.

Thank GOD for that!


  1. Well done! So happie for you, dear! =) *can see your IC number, dear, careful ya*

  2. Well Done! Your leaving cert. got principal signature? Mine don't have so it means it's not valid right?

  3. congrats dear..
    so what now..
    hehe all the best in future

  4. aiyer, result so good oh? kesian got only B+ for chinese.

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  6. Congrats!!!
    OMG so happy for you!
    You scored so well! now go enjoy and have fun!


  7. congratulation!!! :) long time no see u dy~ xD

  8. thanks guys! =D *appreciate it!* =P

  9. well done.. time to celebrate.. how about a treat?