Friday, March 18, 2011

Just, one quickie of the day!

Ehemmm! =P
I just got back from dinner with my SUKDU friends in One Utama.
SUKDU - Student Union of KDU

my eyes BIG right?  =P

Had dinner at Zan Mai Sushi and dessert at Tutti Frutti! =D
The food was, seriously *thumbs up up!*

Well these few days, I am really busy with my stuffs.
Last night, I was helping my college to do some telemarketing.
I called a lot of students from all over the place to attend KDU Open Day.
In fact, I enjoyed that job!
*because I managed to prank my friends!*  =P
My friends don't even know that its me, actually on the line. LOL! =D

And today, after my class, I went to Damansara Uptown and The Curve to do some flyer distribution thingy. Again, its for KDU Open Day.
We got 'chased up' by the securities there.
Indeed, a 'NICE' experience! =)

And Saturday and Sunday,
I will be on duty for the KDU Open Day.
Will be in charge on Entrance. =)
Hopefully to meet my friends tmr!

Owh yeah, I got Scholarship Presentation Award tomorrow.
Need to wear formal clothes to go on stage,
as well as wearing the formal clothes to work. =)
*My family will be coming tomorrow too, for the scholarship award thingy!*

Should I?
Hmm, what if?
And who knows?

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