Friday, October 9, 2009

Urrgh !!! Biology..Failed !!!

Today Biology 1& 2...
I dunno how to do at all :( I was very disappointed because I put a lot of effort in it and I dunno how to do, not a single one !

Paper 1
Its all objective question...there are totally 50 questions and seriously, more than half of it I was simply hentam-ing...

Paper 2
4 structure questions & 2 essay questions...Not even one answer I can guaranteed that it's correct...I've studied respiration, digestion, photosynthesis, breathing mechanisms, hyper/hypotonic solution, isotonic solution but only photosynthesis came out today...And I don't even expected that the parts of cow will came out today ! And I didn't label it man ! 4 marks there and it was gone now !!! T.T

I gave up ! totally wanna tear the paper into pieces !!!

I think its FAILED !!!

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