Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tired + Sleepy Mode

Woke up 7 in the morning...went marketing with my papa...a lot of people there shouting man! mari mari ! 1 barang 1 ringgit... OR eh..lenglui, lengzhai...come here la..come come..very CHEAP only...

Carried a lot of things afta finished marketing...bought more than 6 big packs of fruits !! My hand so pain larhx...T.T

Had breakfast at a 'kopitiam' somewhere in stomach almost 'burst'...eating 2 big bowls of noodles !!! XP

Then headed for sleepy la...i was still blurred blurred when i reached lovely pn haris wan to 'kill' me off lor...i asked her something that i shouldn't asked..she repeated the same thing to me but seems that i'm still in my sleepy mode... first wanna went for a check up...because stomach pain came back to find me !!! Alarh, Geram betul larh !!! But when i went there, my stomach no pain pulak, so my papa said when i stomach not well again then only come for check up la because no pain how to see doctor???

Tired +Sleepy Mode now !!!

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