Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blurred ~

only two words to say : ITS SUCKS !

However, thanks to WI HONG, who helped me si
nce last month on chemistry...
I was very very very blurred and can't even get wat he trying to tell me but he was very patient and taught me everything i wanna noe...all i wanna tell him is, thank you very much ! I appreciate it !

Chemistry Paper 1 & 2 today...

Paper 2 was hard..hmm, paper 1 still ok but it still hard for me...What Wi Hong taught previously helped me a lot in today's exam...Although maybe i can't get good results for chemistry, but i did try my best >.<

Biology Paper 1 & 2...

I don't think i can do it well...that's one of my worst matter how, i think i gotta memorize everything by tonight !

miss him, always~

Haiz..going to sleep late! AGAIN !!!
PRAY HARD !!! >.<

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