Sunday, March 17, 2013

Carmen's 'Not so sweet' 20th Birthday Celebration!

Obviously the title said it all! I'm going to blog about my best friend, Carmen's 20th birthday celebration! Why I put 'Not so sweet' there is because 20 years old is no more teen! Imagine your juniors call your name with a JIE behind it. Sounds scary isn't it? =P

Well, this time I'm the planner of her birthday celebration. And I realized that I'm such a bad planner because I get so stress up easily due to minor problems. Oops! I guess this is my first time and the last time I become a planner eh? LOL!

Anyway, the plan went on smooth, fortunately. We had our dinner at The Social, which is located at Publika. It was my first time trying out the food there, thanks to Pearly, who suggested the venue. And the food is awesomely delicious! Just one thing, the food and drinks are kinda pricey. A glass of water costs around RM 7! Well, I guess good food all comes in a high value of money eh?

The plan was like this :

1. First, we fetched Carmen to Publika. We were supposed to meet her another gang of friends there, but she didn't know about this. This is considered as her first surprise.

2. Her another gang of friends prepared the birthday cake and passed it to the waiter. And everyone of us were REQUIRED to bring a PAD as her 'present'. You will know WHY later! Heee!

3. Then, we were supposed to blindfold her to the restaurant because we need to collect their presents to put them in the box we prepared, without her knowing. The plan changed because there were too many people there that time, and we were pretty sure that she won't let us to blindfold her in a huge crowd area. In the end, my friends collected the presents and pad from the gang in the restaurant while I kept Carmen occupied with my injured leg. LOL!

4. We met up with the gang in The Social. And she wasn't surprised at all. She saw Catherine line with me the other day so she already expected the gang to join us for dinner. This surprise was considered as a total failure. Eeeeeee!

Fish n chips - RM 30

5. LingSze, Catherine and Pearly in charged of preparing the presents and pads in an isolated place while we had our dinner. The presents we prepared are a box of 20 presents in it (since she is 20 years old this year) and 百家pad! Well I believed everyone knows what is 百家被 right? We decided to modify the whole idea of 百家被 into 百家pad.

This is what we called a 百家被 .
Where they collect all the clothes from people around them and sew all the clothes into a blanket. 
It is a form of blessing, with good luck and health.

So we modified it to become a 百家pad instead!
Where each of us donated one pad and then, we sticked all the pads together. 
It became a problem when we found out that this 百家pad was too big to fit in the box.

In the end, we replaced the 百家pad with Poker Pads!
We sticked all the pads just like the photo shown above and we wrote our names on our pads.
So she will know whose pad she is using in future! Darn hilarious right? =P
Too bad we didn't take the photo of those pads because we were too shy to take it out in the restaurant. Hahaha!

All the 20 presents we bought are the daily needs like food, drinks, snacks, stationery and women' stuffs.

6. After that, we surprised her with the tradition birthday cake and sang birthday song together. And the final event of the plan was to take photo, obviously. It was indeed, a happy ending for this event, and I am really glad that the whole event went on smoothly and successfully although some part of the planning and execution of the event is a little cacat.

The birthday girl with birthday cake!

Cutting her birthday cake.

3 girls photobombed us! =P

Sisters! :)

And guess what present I prepared personally for her eh?
Since it's her first 20 in her life, I decided to prepare a self-made present for her.

The huge card with all our precious moments together! 

Must be wondering what are those sticky notes represent eh?
They are actually 'coupons' that are specially designed for her. And I used sticky notes to cover them to create some suspense for her.

The coupons, with funny messages on it.

There is a pink letter at the bottom of the card right?
There are photos and polaroid film we took previously.

Yours truly with the pretty birthday girl! 
Am so glad to have her as one of my best friends x sisters in my life.

Alright, I will end this long post with this photo!
This is our so called nerd look pose, but it seems like all of us bring out a different meaning eh?


  1. still sweet la! happy birthday to ur friend! :)

  2. Wow, what a fun post! I'm sharing your joy too. Have a good week ahead!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday to your friend hahah! >.> Holding 2 stick still can pose ah :x