Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One of my favourite Monday Couple moments!

I watched the latest RunningMan episode yesterday, and indeed, RunningMan never fail to cheer up my day! Whenever I feel sad, I will just switch on my lappie and watch any RunningMan episodes. After I finish watching it, all my sadness will go away automatically. Since then, I have my FOC laughing dose! :)

Episode 137 : The Fools and The Princesses

The 3 princesses! 

And Pepero Game is one of their game segments.

And Gary's and Ji Hyo's lips touched!!! OMG!!!

Im'ma so happy and excited when I saw this! 
P.S  I'm a Monday Couple bias! =P


  1. my favorite too but now i prefer EASY BROTHERS! FEEL TOUCH CROSSSSS!!!

  2. Replies
    1. yeah right! a sweet candy for monday bias! =P

  3. First time Monday Couple in full force in this episode! Fuh!

  4. I am still very loyal towards KJK hahahah XD