Sunday, March 31, 2013

And we can learn to love again?

Owh Maiiii Geeeee! Tomorrow shall be my first day of classes in Year 2, OFFICIALLY. It will be more hectic now as more modules are coming in, and the tasks given would be getting tougher. I'm feeling a little nervous now, because I will be driving to uni tomorrow *for the first time after I broke my leg*, fetching my younger sister to uni because it's her first day of uni life too, and wearing that bulky Transformer shoe to uni *kinda worried about how people looking at me*. But what I scared the most is, being late to class due to my Ah Po speed. Yeah, I can't run with that bulky shoe! :(  Hopefully tomorrow will be 'as smooth as silky silk'! =]

My current favourite song, keeps on playing in my head!
Just Give Me A Reason - Pink feat Nate Ruess (FUN)

Any nice songs to introduce? Hmmm.


  1. le gf like that song so much that she repeated it so many times. LOL

    1. i repeated the song for 10 times in a row! LOL!!

  2. hahaha a good try driving with that tho! ironlady!

  3. driving after a break is tough. Feels like you forget a lot

  4. walk slowly, and wake up early lol

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