Friday, October 18, 2013

How's life people?

Hey yo!! I'm back, still alive from my superb hectic uni life these days! I know I've been not active in blogging lately, but I will try my best to keep my blog alive! Bear with me, fellow readers! :)

My semester 4 started a month ago, and I've been working on assignments and tasks almost everyday. And I'm very glad that I'm not a business school student LOL! Seriously, their assignments can DIE man! Although I'm taking double major (mass communication + marketing), but their marketing assignments are so stressful, and I'm not interested in all those theories, histories and stuffs. Still prefer event write-ups instead of memorizing all those dumb dumb theories and applied in assignments, without even understand what's the point of using these theories. Arhhh, why this semester all business modules! Sad max! :(

I'm taking photography module too, and surprisingly this module is quite tough. I actually thought photography is an easy A LOL! But I ended up with different assignments every WEEK, need to shoot this shoot that. And next week I will be going Putrajaya for an outdoor shooting woo hoo! Although I have a lot of tasks to complete for photography module, but I'm loving it. Passion for photography!! :)

One of the activity in photography class.
I'm given an opportunity to take photo of a model under studio lightings. It was definitely a brand new experience for me!

One of my so-called 'masterpiece'! 

Checking out the photos together.

Yeah I guess I won't be updating my blog so often anymore, till..... Owh yeah, I have a mid sem break soon yay! Will keep on providing 'oxygen' to my bloggie and keep her alive whenever I can! :)

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