Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Birthday :)

Its my birthday...

I tryin' to be happy as much as I can...
Its my birthday but I dunno why...I can't be really very very happy...
Amutha shoots me today...make me wanna cry...
She's so bad...super duper bad...

Recess time...
My friends celebrated with me :)
They bought me a cheese cake n they woke up early in the morning just to cook something for me :) I'm so touched...
They sang birthday song to me... and they make me a card :)

from him :)

from Ling Sze :)

from him again :)

my cake :)

from Emily :)

The card :)

Dance practice AGAIN !!!

Weihan that gang...they are super duper crazy!!!
i didn't know that he can shake his butt tat well :P
he's really a monkey :P