Saturday, July 9, 2016


Hey guys! This is weird. I know I'm even weirder when I said this myself too haha! Well, I guess it has been almost 2 years since my last post was up. I can't remember when was my last time blogging, chatting about my life and things around me. I guess time flies, and I'm now officially a working adult, no more kiddo ranting about study/love life.

Well, in fact, ever since I started working, I really got no much time for myself. Well, I mean a real free time, when I can just stay at home, staring at the ceiling and do nothing. But I guess this hardly can happen, except for now *thanks to raya because I have 5 days off continuously* woohooo! And so here am I, stumbling across my blog and decided to scribble down a little bit about my current life.

I'm currently working in Huawei, as a payroll analyst. I guess no one will ever predicted my first job would be becoming a payroll analyst, a HR related job, since I'm a mass communication graduate eh? You know the thing is, after I graduated, while I was still travelling around the world, I started to think, what should I do in the future? Anything particular that I like to do? And I started to get panicky, because I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I WANT TO DO IN LIFE! I always thought, I will get a marketing job right after I graduate, because this is what I always thought that I like it. Deep thinking, I think I do not really like marketing job, I only prefer marketing job over public relations and journalism related jobs.

So lots of thing happen in between, and I ended up working in Huawei as a payroll analyst. If you ask me whether I like this job or not, I truthfully confess, I do not know as well. But at least for now, I have a bunch of great colleagues, a good mentor, a good manager, a few gym buddies, in a good working environment. I'm happily learning from my colleagues and I hope I could learn more and becoming more independent in near future.

Till then, I'm hoping to see another blog update sooner or later. I gotta admit, I really miss blogging!

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