Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Goodbye my fabulous Year 2!

Yes, the title said it all, and I finally finished my Year 2 with 'tones of injuries' lol! It was quite a torturing semester as I were to take quite a few business modules which I really really really DISLIKE! I have no idea how business students survive because all those business theories and facts were so troublesome to memorize. All those IMF, exchange rates, international business strategies and other boring facts drove me crazy when I studied for my finals last week. And fortunately, everything is a past, and I'm glad everything is over now, no matter how my results would be. *Have already prepared for an resit examination LOL!*

Well, what's most interesting driving-me-crazy experience in my previous semester was the time when I learnt Dreamweaver! P.S  Dreamweaver is an Adobe software to develop a website for those who don't know. Seriously when my lecturer thought us step by step to create a website in class, I was practically like WOW WOW WOAHHHHHH! Because whatever images, texts, effects or codings we inserted, then when we previewed them in Safari, it was really WOAHHHHHH because everything was like so real, THE WEBSITE CAN FUNCTION like any normal websites, and and and, the most important thing is, I DID IT ON MY OWN!

My last assignment was to create a website with own creativity and incorporate it with Flash animation. It was a tense period since we had to cope with finals, other assignments, a website and a Flash animation, particularly website and flash took most of the time to complete it.

You can check out my flash animation via instagram HERE
Super happy + proud + more proud when I completed the animation although it's not pefect. 
The efforts that I put in was worth all my time and sleepless nights!

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