Sunday, November 17, 2013

Officially, 20.

It was exactly a week after my birthday, but I still feel like my birthday is somewhere around the corner lol. I would like to thank to all my uni mates, high school buddies and family that spent so much time planning surprises for my first 20, and indeed, this was my BEST birthday celebration ever! The love and care that they gave me is like so so so soooooooo much, totally indescribable!

First, my sister surprised me with hokkaido cupcakes when the clock striked 12 am in the morning on my birthday! Too bad I wasn't in a 'good' condition to celebrate with her because I wasn't feeling well that time. I was actually lying down on bed sleeping trololol! Feel so guilty for not celebrating happily with her. Anyway, thank you my beloved sister!!! <3 p="">
Then, my uni mates purposely ignored my presence in class, like they skipped class and showed me 'smelly faces' throughout the day. I was pretty sad that time because I thought they were angry at me or something. =( I was supposed to have dinner with 2 of my best friend in uni that night, but it ended up having dinner with my 17 lovely uni mates! They came in one by one, telling me different excuses *which I wasn't suspicious at all* then joined me for dinner. I guess I'm easily cheated eh haha? =P They surprised me with my favourite oreo cheesecake and 'dumped' my face into the cake lol! so-called tradition ehhh?

Owh dear, here goes my face! :(

Kellie, Jessica, Jasmine, Wildson, Jason, Carson, Elaine, Jessie, Pehwen, Mei Xuan, Ju-ann, Win, Yeewen, Louis, Alex, Justin & Felicia - They all are such a good liar weyy!! Spun me around like a fool, but they gave me so much memorable memories! How am I not in love with them ehh? =P

And when I opened my car boot, I saw this bunch of balloons Owh mai godddddd! This was first in my life time receiving so many balloons! 

And and and, there were candies and personalized message in each of the balloons! 
*I want to cry so badly!*

Elizabeth Arden perfume! 

And my favourite author-Cecilia Ahern novel! =]

And a beautiful 'pot' 'watermelon' roses and flowers!

And yesterday, my high school sisters surprised me the most in my house!!! I was doing my presentation slides in study room, and suddenly they entered my room *total silence, not even with any footsteps* with a birthday cake and sang a birthday song for me! Although it was like super belated birthday celebration, but I was really really happy that they still remember my birthday, and we are still in a superb close relationship after we graduated from high school 3 years ago! This kind of friendship, where to get ehhh? :)

They asked me to come out from house, then they started spraying me in white snow! They said they want to celebrate christmas with me lol! And I'm the perfect SNOWMAN of the day! After that, they showered me with cold water to wash off the white snow omg! It was drizzling that time somemore! T.T Indeed, my COLDEST surprise ever in my life! =P

Thank you my sisters! You all never failed to make me as crazily happy as now! Can't survive without you all! Love love love! <3 p="">

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