Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Farewell brother!

I'll miss you, bro.  :(

My brother had left Malaysia yesterday to pursue his final year study in UK! 
The atmosphere was so dead last night, bro and mummy even cried during dinner before we went to the airport. Although he always argued with us, but he treated us really well, SOMETIMES! =P He loves to trigger my mom's bad tempered and ended up in argument most of the time. I bet my mom will miss him the most because no one will argue with her anymore! :(

To my dearest bro,
study well in UK and graduate with flying colours there! Daddy and mummy would be so proud to fly over UK to see you graduate in a law degree, if possible get the license too, so you will become an official lawyer in future! Then, if we have any complaints or we want to sue someone, we can get you for free service hehe! :)

Take care, and love you bro! :)
P.S  I'll take good care of your gf too, no worries haha!

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